Incredible child of 2 years gives birth to his twin!! [video shock]
Incredible child of 2 years gives birth to his twin!! [video shock]

The story is incredible belly of this child she was growing visibly in recent weeks and the parents began to worry because the child was having severe pain in the abdomen and had trouble breathing.

Xiao Feng, the name of the child who lives in the south of China, was taken to hospital due to severe stomach pains. Her belly was growing a lot in recent months and the parents had decided to show it to some doctors. X-rays have revealed the presence of a fetus "twin" all 'inside of his belly.

His condition was so serious that, if they were not attended by doctors with surgery, the child would not be able to survive. It seems that cases such as the small Xiao Feng happen once every 500,000 births. Last year it was announced a similar incident in Peru.
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