Girl with the heart out of his chest
Girl with the heart out of his chest

The girl with the heart out of his chest. Here's his incredible story

The video that we show is very special, it is the story of a poor little girl of 6 years despite a major problem continues to struggle with great strength and courage. She is Virsaviya 'Bathsheba' Borun-Goncharova, he was born in Russia but lives in Florida with his mother to adequate health care. Suffers from the Pentalogy Cantrell, the severity of the disease depends on the case in question, she has the heart and intestines grew out from the abdomen and divide there is a very thin layer of skin. When you are collecting funds to finance its expensive care and a doctor of Boston has agreed to operate on her but is currently impossible because the pressure of blood is too strong and it will take two years to stabilize. His illness does not allow her to live for a long time, according to doctors would not even be able to be born, and instead has done and is resisting much. The fundraiser takes place on a platform called "You Caring" and have collected so far 20 thousand dollars. In the meantime, the child continues his normal life: he attended a school dance, she loves to paint, make sculptures in clay and sing songs Beyoncé. A disease really absurd and it is a miracle that still manages to fight against this terrible evil ttia.

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