Secretly filmed The Night GIRL ... Look what happens! SCARY!
Secretly filmed The Night GIRL ... Look what happens! SCARY!

In the video that we present today, we show a movie really shocking ... We do not know for sure whether it is true or not, but if it were we would really worry!

The story begins with a girl for a long time now every morning found bruises on her body and decided to consult a doctor. The specialist, the Dr. Von Koesteler , in agreement with his patient, decided to install the cameras in the bedroom of the girl, to take it at night.

The next day, viewing the movie, they did a pretty amazing discovery. It was a spontaneous levitation , no one knows of that origin, if extraterrestrial or paranormal! All this still remains a mystery to unravel.

Although the 'happened was fully reported by a British newspaper, we can not guarantee the veracity of this event. Undoubtedly creating some skepticism on this story, but what do you think?

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