The Magic of Magnets
The Magic of Magnets

the magic of magnets

Actually what happens is nothing outside the laws of physics, as mentioned in one of the comments here is a combination of physical phenomena, the first being the properties of the interaction between magnetic fields. The horn or circular magnets have a toroidal shaped magnetic field (donita) located around the entire structure that makes this magnet. The second magnet, silver is a material called neodymium, has a much stronger than the field magnets horn. It should be noted that just about magnetic fields and electromagnetic fields here not, however, share the characteristic that fields with like poles repel and unlike poles attract. The second phenomenon is the gyroscopic effect, turning the top, a perpendicular to the gravity force is created, causing the sum of forces allows stand upright, but, during the rotation of the top that it is shrinking due to force air friction. The gyroscopic effect we see everyday example is the bicycle.

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