20 years ago, has saved this
20 years ago, has saved this

20 years ago, has saved this "Monster" from death. When he does this, I am left without breath...

That the animals are very smart this is common knowledge, what we do not know is that all animals even the fiercest of them has a huge heart,
We follow this story: About 20 years ago a giant crocodile struck by a farmer was dying on the banks of the river Parasmina in Costa Rica,
When a man in the area named Chito Shedden met him is unable to be indifferent to the suffering of the animal he started to take care of him to spare him the death.
He also gave a name to the beast, called Pocho, stating that his intention was to make it clear to the animal that all humans are bad and wanted to make him feel loved!
The day he arrived Pocho and Chito healed then decided to take him to the river to give him back his freedom and to his surprise the next day the man found the crocodile who slept outside the door of his house,
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